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Gatehouse Entertainment

About Us

Gatehouse Entertainment founded by Maarten Cornelis, is an award winning production company specializing in film and theater productions.  Dinner For Two, it’s first major movie production, has won 25+ awards globally, including Best Film, Best Actor, and Best Director.  5 new movies are currently in production.  In addition, the company, in partnership with Cinematory (also co-founded by Maarten Cornelis), owns 9 film festivals across North America.

Founder and CEO

Maarten Cornelis

Maarten Cornelis is an entertainment veteran and an entrepreneur with experience in the industry stretching over 25 years.  He is an award-winning Producer, Actor, Light Designer, and Director, and has rubbed shoulders with some of the great artists in the world.  He is a known Light Designer and Producer on Broadway, in NYC, and is a frequent guest Light Designer at the exclusive Carnegie Hall.


In recent years, he has executive produced and produced internationally recognized works such as one of the top 5 off-Broadway plays of 2022, “The Importance of Being Earnestly LGBTQ” and the wildly successful short film “Dinner For Two”.


As Founder and CEO of Gatehouse Entertainment, he recently finished producing “Above The Desert with No Name” starring Mayra Batalla and Max Adler, and is partnering with a new movie and film studio, “Tin Mirror Studios” on Long Island, NY.


His passion for film and film making has brought him towards the film festival world, where he currently co-owns Cinematory and helps run 9 film festivals in North America.
Maarten was born in Belgium and grew up in Los Angeles.  As of 2018, Maarten has been living bi-coastal and divides his time between New York City and Los Angeles.

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