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‘Ousmane’ by Jorge Camarotti was voted ‘Film of the Year’ at the 2022 edition of Producer’s Night

Film industry leaders attended Cinematory’s annual event, Producer’s Night, where they were treated to the best films from 20 partner film festivals

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2022 - On December 9th 2022, Cinematory hosted its second edition of the Producer’s Night at The Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. An excited crowd of film industry leaders and film lovers attended the event where they were treated to the best films of 2022 cherrypicked from 20 partner film festivals.

“Producer’s Night 2022 was an incredible success,” says Maarten Cornelis, founder. “The excitement for our event keeps growing every year and was definitely the talk of the town last week. As we keep developing a community around this event, we know that we are part of something special. We are happy to announce that more festivals will be joining our group next year, solidifying the importance of an event like this. See you next year, my producer friends!” Kris De Meester, curator of Producer’s Night, adds: “What started with over 25,000 entries from over 20 partner festivals resulted in an official selection of 7 gems. Made by extremely talented new voices in the industry. After ending up with an Oscar nomination, last year, for our 'film of the year' Ala Kachuu, the expectations are high for the 2022 'film of the year' Ousmane.” The team at Producer's Night wants to say a special thank you to actress Rachel Bailit, for hosting this year and bringing her enthusiasm to the project. The lively catered event, founded in 2021, was the second edition in what will continue to be an annual tradition from Cinematory. “The objective is to give these filmmakers the exposure they deserve. We created this event with the goal of helping the films reach a wider audience and the filmmakers to connect with people in the industry,” said Cornelis of Producer’s Night. The following partner Film Festivals submitted the best of their entrants to Producer’s Night: Brussels Independent Film Festival, Venice Film Week, Boston Short Film Festival, Toronto Arthouse Film Festival, Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival, Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam Independent Film Festival, Super Shorts London, Super Shorts New York, Super Shorts Los Angeles, Verona International Film Festival, Doc.Berlin, Doc.Boston, Doc.London, Doc.Sydney, Sydney World Film Festival, New Jersey Independent Film Festival, Obskuur Ghent Film Festival, Bruges International Film Festival, Manhattan Independent Film Festival. The movies selected this year were: ONCE THERE WAS III (USA) BY NINA MCNEELY I LOVE YOU DON'T LEAVE ME (USA) BY ALEX LEOMBRUNO LOSING IT (AUSTRIA) BY SASCHA VERNIK MAMMA (NORWAY) BY ASLAK DANBOLT BEFORE THE EARTHQUAKE (SWEDEN) BY GUSTAV HUGO OLSSON NEIGHBOUR (GEORGIA) BY DAVID BORCHKHADZE WINNER: OUSMANE (CANADA) BY JORGE CAMAROTTI From the official selection, ‘Ousmane’ was voted ‘Film of the Year’ for 2022. Congratulations!


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